Other use


Smoke or open or closed chimney flues are made of earthenware bushels that are naturally resistant to high temperatures and corrosion.
The mastery of the clay products manufacturing allows Brimak S.A to offer a complete range of flues, adapted and of high quality.

- Pizza Oven, Barbecue

Brimak S.A puts at your service a manufacturing that combines tradition and innovation for a furnace that will benefit several generations, resistant, robust and noble materials giving a good homogeneity of cooking.
Thanks to a tradition and an incomparable know-how, a use of modern manufacturing techniques while keeping the artisanal character of the terracotta, Brimak offers you a range of products of excellent quality on order.

Quality chart

Brimak plus is committed to meeting quality standards to provide its customers with optimal monitoring of their projects.

Respect the environment

Respect the environment by adopting, through the collaborators, responsible behavior towards future generations.

Respect of deadlines

The goal of our Brimak company is to offer the best possible service to its customers: this is why we are committed to deliver any order as soon as possible.


Brimak contributes to the preservation and the promotion of an exceptional cultural and natural heritage by the valorization of the natural, artisanal and traditional products stemming from local knowledge and know-how.