One of our main activities is clay making. Brimak S.A carries out a process of careful selection of the raw material to grind, in order to obtain a perfect uniformity.
We screen the material according to the customer's wishes taking into account the climatology of each zone. We offer a wide variety of products, with the possibility of combining fine and large particles.
In the same way, we make pellet bases for tennis courts or clay sports tracks, made with various mixtures (ash, granulates, calcareous aggregates ...), which give them their most characteristic properties: high filtration , moisture retention and sponginess of the coating.

The clay is a specific layer of limestone, very fine particle size, called "craon", stabilized by roller but allowing water to flow in both directions. In application in Tennis courts, the "clay court", also called "stabilized surface of comfort" by the FFT, is essentially made up:
below the craon, a layer of clinker 3 cm thick, with variable granulometry, which allows to store the irrigation water, and to restore it upwards.
Above, the crater is covered with a layer of red crushed brick one centimeter thick, which is used to slip and have a good color contrast with the balls. The whole must be watered abundantly every night or every morning. The classic clay is frosty and, in the frost regions, must be redone every year.

Quality chart

Brimak is committed to meeting quality standards to provide its customers with optimal monitoring of their projects.

Respect of the environment

Respect the environment by adopting, through the collaborators, responsible behavior towards future generations.

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The goal of our Brimak company is to offer the best possible service to its customers: this is why we are committed to deliver any order as soon as possible.


Brimak contributes to the preservation and the promotion of an exceptional cultural and natural heritage by the valorization of the natural, artisanal and traditional products stemming from local knowledge and know-how.