Expanded Clay

Expanded Clay Aggregate

Expanded or expandable clay aggregate is a commonly used hydroponic grow medium. It is a lightweight aggregate that is heated in a kiln oven to a temperature of 1,200 degrees Celsius. Once the aggregate is heated, it releases gases, which create small bubbles that make a honeycomb-like structure inside of the aggregate. The movement of the kiln makes the aggregate form into a round shape. The round shapes of expandable clay vary in size. Expandable clay has become a popular growing medium in hydroponics and aquaponics because it secures roots and retains water. The clay has a neutral pH, which also makes mold and fungus less likely to grow.

Clay balls are a versatile product, useful for many applications, most notably in the Horticulture industry (as a planting medium) and the building industries (as an insulators). Clay balls have the following uses:
Planting medium for vegetables
Planting medium for flowers
Great ventilation for roots of plants
Lightweight medium for roof gardens
Insulating Material
As primary ingredients in light-weight concrete, replacing gravel

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