Some achievements

Brimak Terracotta presents some of its references: houses of character, castles, manor houses, religious buildings, historical monuments, whether for renovation, restoration or laying, terracotta, thanks to their wide ranges and formats, adapt to every atmosphere by transforming floors and walls into authentic and elegant elements.
For over 50 years Brimak Terracotta has been a key player in terracotta building materials. Based on this unique experience, our company creates innovative solutions for the building envelope, through 3 activities: cover, structure, facade-decoration.

  • Mazagan Beach Spring: Realization of 14 000m² in green tiles Brimak El Jadida
  • Marrakech Congress Center
  • Hotel Saadi Marrakech
  • Villas and riads at the palm grove Marrakech
  • Commune Gueliz Marrakech
  • Toubkal Hotel (Concorde Group) Marrakech
  • La Scala restaurant in Agadir
  • Estivage Center of the People's Bank - Founty in Agadir
  • The White Marina in Casablanca
  • Casablanca Casba
  • Coating of about twenty buildings in Rabat road of Fez in front of Marjane
  • Coating several buildings in brick waterfalls in front of the Aswak Assalam Rabat supermarket
  • Tourist complex in Bouznika
  • Hotel Sofitel Essaouira
  • Flooring, gardens at the Royal Palace Marchane of Tangier
  • Tile roof blue sky hotel club med Tetouan
  • Tiled roof for several villas at Monika Mohamedia beach
  • Garden Beach sidi rahal Hotel ido tiznit Tiznit
  • Summering center of Al Maghreb Bank Oualidia
  • Coating of several historic monuments in France
  • Supply of enamelled tiles for "Hamam" in Germany in a seaside club in Augsburg

Quality chart

Brimak is committed to meeting quality standards to provide its customers with optimal monitoring of their projects.

Respect of the environment

Respect the environment by adopting, through the collaborators, responsible behavior towards future generations.

Respect of deadlines

The goal of our Brimak company is to offer the best possible service to its customers: this is why we are committed to deliver any order as soon as possible.


Brimak contributes to the preservation and the promotion of an exceptional cultural and natural heritage by the valorization of the natural, artisanal and traditional products stemming from local knowledge and know-how.
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