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We can talk about two types of terracotta:
The mechanics: ie manufactured and molded in the factory with a strong and regular density. The handmade: which are irregular and molded by hand and whose density is lower so very porous.

Cooking is always slow and requires significant cooling. Treatments are mandatory on all porous floors to prevent stains and facilitate maintenance. Today effective chemicals are available with combinations of very powerful and solid products, since they last almost the life of the house and are very simple to maintain.
For terracotta placed directly on the screed, wait about 3 months before carrying out the treatment. For terracotta laid with glue, wait around 1 month of drying.
Premises must have a circulation of air to avoid condensation (which in this case will be absorbed by the terracotta) which could alter the treatment.
It plays a vital role in the evaporation of the moisture contained in the screed and the tile.
essential phases of treatment
Buffered acid etching and neutralizing rinse. Drying 7 to 14 days, during this phase the terracotta is extremely fragile and vulnerable to stains that could be indelible; this is why it will be preferable to postpone other work to be done indoors. Treatment: Requires 2 days during which no one should walk on the terracotta. The treatment highlights the beauty of the earth with its beautiful shades and gives it a pretty satiny patina.

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