The traditional cloister made of terracotta keeps a rustic look. It is a decorative element, stackable to allow the realization of perforated walls. The Natural Red hue of this terracotta claustra will bring a warm touch to your interior and exterior fittings. The trellises allow to realize various separations, fences, framing of swimming pools, summer kitchen playing with the shade and the light. It only takes a few rays of sun to enliven the claustria assembly. It can also be used as partition in interior, balustrades, low wall, balcony, a stoop, an integrated kitchen etc ...

  • 100% terracotta finish
  • Variety of formats
  • Resistant & Sustainable products

The elements can be installed between two existing walls or between two pillars. If necessary, we advise you to respect a surface of 4 m² of elements between two pillars. It is imperative that the surface on which your trellis will be mounted is stable, solid and flat.


Brimak Terracotta

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  • Claustra 4 A5

    Andalusian tiles | Brimak terracotta
  • Claustra 2 S5

    Andalusian tiles | Brimak terracotta
  • Claustra A5

    Andalusian tiles | Brimak terracotta
  • Claustra Star 5

    Andalusian tiles | Brimak terracotta
  • Claustra Heart 5

    Andalusian tiles | Brimak terracotta

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